Playoff Day

The Pits: Hot weather.

The Peaks: Today was playoff day. Weston’s team played first against the Lions. It was a tough game and I didn’t get to see the last part of it because I had to go help Turner’s team get warmed up to play the Seahawks, but I did happen to see Weston’s game-saving flag pull on the last play. He should’ve gotten the defensive player of the game award for that one.

Turner’s team paired up against the Seahawks, who beat us badly a few weeks back. Many of our practices since that game have been focused on ways to prevent what happened to us in that game, and today those efforts really paid off. The Falcons played great, as did the Seahawks. But our boys were ready and we had a convincing win over them. This was our Super Bowl, we knew, the boys knew it and their parents knew it. It was great to see the families get so excited when we won.

I would’ve been happy if the day had ended then, but we still had the final championship games to play. Both Weston’s team and Turner’s team ended up playing the undefeated teams in their leagues (the Titans and the Buccaneers, I think). While all teams played well, the Titans and the Bucs won their league championships, and they deserved the wins. Regardless, we all went home happy with how the season turned out. It was a great first experience with flag football and we can’t wait until next season!

Kim joined us at the games, then we went to Campo Azul for lunch afterwards. The boys and I had an easy guys’ night while the girls went out with some other girls for their girls’ night.

Playoff Day
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