Weston’s Kindergarten Graduation

The Pits: The Kindergarten graduation didn’t start until 10:30am. More internet problems at work.

The Peaks: This morning was Weston’s Kindergarten graduation ceremony. Traci and I worked around our work schedules so that we could be there. The ceremony was very nice and each kid got to walk across the stage and collect their certificate. Maybe a bit much for Kindergarten, but it was fine.

We got to see Weston for a few minutes and congratulate him. Then we realized it was close to his lunchtime, so we ran home and made our sandwiches, then headed back to have lunch with him.

In the evening, we met my family at Jonathan’s in Murfreesboro for dinner as a late celebration of Mother’s day and my mom’s birthday. It was a nice visit.

In other news, Turner finished his letter to Khalid. After talking with him about what he wanted to write and actually help him write down some talking points, I was a bit unimpressed with how short the letter was. But, maybe that’s good for this age.

Lastly, our backyard bunny is driving Trek crazy.

Weston’s Kindergarten Graduation
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