Mother’s Day 2017

The Pits: We weren’t aware that the Granite City brunch was a special and so the price was nearly double what we expected.

The Peaks: We attended early church this morning. The service was held in Hudson Hall and the boys did pretty good since they weren’t having Sunday School. After church, we went to Granite City for their brunch. We all got full bellies, but, as mentioned above, the price was a little surprising. It’s not typically that expensive, it just happened to be a special occasion.

The afternoon was relaxing, for Traci, anyways. One of the things she’d asked for for Mother’s Day was a clean house without having to do the work, so a good portion of my weekend was delegated to cleaning and tidying up.

We met up with that Tateuchis at Arrington for an early dinner and had a nice visit on the Grand Barn end. The kids were a bit rowdy, but that surprised no one. It was quite crowded, which, again, was probably because of the special occasion. Apparently, everyone else had the same great idea to celebrate their moms!

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!

Mother’s Day 2017
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