Wednesday Night Lights

The Pits: Turner’s team played the Seahawks. It was a tough game and we ended up losing quite a bit after a few interceptions, but I was proud of the team.

The Peaks: I attended a mindfulness seminar that our company was hosting for wellness week. The speaker actually recommended a few helpful tips, listed below.

I left work early to make it to the boys’ make-up flag games. It was great weather, just not ideal outcomes for either of the games.

Cheap & Easy Prompts
1. Pay attention to the moment every time you walk through a door.
2. Look out a window and actually be present.
3. Truly notice the taste, texture and smell of what you eat.
4. Listen to music without words and follow it.
5. Take a few seconds or a minute and just watch what comes up in your mind.
6. For each stoplight, notice your breath.
7. Observe what a pain actually feels like without preconceptions.
8. Watch for an emotion (frustration, anger, etc.) and commit to just noticing how it feels in your body.
9. Instead of rushing through a chore you don’t like, be 100% involved in it.
10. Take 1 minute out of your usual exercise routine and go without music or other distractions. Really notice what your body feels like.
11. When you notice you are stressed, ask, “What is here now?”
12. Eat a piece of chocolate or other rich food and interact like it is the first time.
13. Let go of thoughts and be present when you put on your shoes.
14. Scan your body and notice how each part feels from your toes to your forehead.
15. Take a walk and switch your focus on the 5 senses. Each one take a turn for you to be most aware.
16. Truly notice what is there during a kiss, hand hold, or hug.

Wednesday Night Lights
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