Clementine and Selleck Shrine

The Pits: First thing this morning, Trek got poop wedged in his bottom hair. It was stuck so badly that we had to cut some of the hair, give him a bath, and then cut some more. There were a couple other pit-ish things that happened today, but, I mean, come on. Hardly anything tops that.

The Peaks: Turner had two flag football games today and his team won both of them. It was until the end of the second game that I realized they hadn’t allowed any of the teams to score on them all day. Weston’s team won as well, with Weston scoring 4 touchdowns or so. Joe and Lisa came to spectate for awhile, but it was hot all day.

In the evening, we headed up to Nashville and had dinner at Rosepepper. We really couldn’t remember a time that we’d been there since the boys have been born. After dinner, we headed to Cumberland Park for a photo session with Whitney, Brad, Clementine and Ryman. I’ll try to post some pics from that session once I’m done with them.

I realized, as I was getting ready for the session, that my Canon 5D Mark II’s metering was messing up when I shot in an automatic mode. I’d actually noticed this when I was shooting headshots of Jennifer and we switched to a setting where I was shooting aperture priority. From a quick search, I believe it’s due to the age of my shutter and the fact that I have over 250,000 shutter clicks. I’m going to have to send the camera back to Canon to see if they can repair it. But, for tonight’s session, I had to shoot in full manual mode, which I typically don’t do with small kids unless I’m using a flash. It was necessary and I think the shots went well. I was just a bit more distracted than usual.

After the photos, we took the boys to Pied Piper Creamery for some ice cream. I was intrigued by the Tom Selleck shrine they have setup in the kids’ corner.

Clementine and Selleck Shrine
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