Fwuffy Family

The Pits: Traci ran well at the Glass City Marathon…until mile 20. She struggled with the sun, the lack of shade, and a sore ankle and hip. She completed the marathon, but didn’t get the time she was hoping for. We were proud of her, regardless.

I got frustrated with Weston, who kept calling a blanket “fwuffy” instead of “fluffy”. I don’t know why that irritates me so much.

The Peaks: Boog and I took the dogs on a walk in the morning and had a good chat. We pretty much spent the morning moseying between the table (to eat) or hanging out on the porch (to gaze out at the rainy weather).

The boys and I headed back to Nashville after lunch. We had snack, unpacked, rested, then had dinner before picking up Traci at the airport.

Fwuffy Family
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