Zoom, Zoom, Raindrop

The Pits: Rainy all day. We slept in, not eager to get out in the drizzle. I took Trek for a quick walk and had to roll up my pajamas pants to keep from getting wet. They still got damp, but the kids thought it was hilarious.

The Peaks: We dropped Traci off at the airport; she’d headed off to Detroit to run the Glass City Marathon in Toledo, OH.

The flag football games were cancelled due to the rain, so the boys and I headed down to Winchester to spend the night. My parents had gotten a little go-cart that Weston was itchy to try out. Weston and I took turns driving it around the yard while Boog and Turner bounced the basketball under the carport.

We had a nice visit. The boys wrestled with Papaw and then played hockey in the hallway while the rest of us tried to rest and relax.

Zoom, Zoom, Raindrop
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