The Meeting

The Pits: There’s only so much I can publicly say about today, but I’ll write the gist of it.

The Peaks: A month ago, when I visited Salt Lake City, all U.S. employees in our company received an email, summoning us to a mandatory meeting in Nashville on today’s date. There was a vast amount of mysticism about the intent of this meeting. Our future was uncertain. But, of course, isn’t it always? When I woke up this morning, I knew that D-Day had arrived.

Two big changes took place in our company, dealing with changes in two of the top leadership positions. Fortunately, for our company, the end result is that business would continue as normal and we all came away with a positive outlook for the future.

We took this photo of our company after a day’s worth of meetings. We met up later at Desano’s Pizza for a company dinner.

I’d like to share something that impacted me on a personal and professional level. Shortly before our trip to Salt Lake City last month, I realized that I had poor public speaking skills. I get very nervous and uncomfortable speaking in front of people, especially smaller groups, which might seem odd. It’d have been easier for me to get up and sing and play a song than to give a presentation.

So, in preparation for in-flight entertainment–or, more suitably, education–I loaded a few lessons of Intro to Public Speaking onto my iPad. I started the first few lessons on the flight out to Salt Lake, and little did I know that I’d be able to use these skills on a month’s time.

I followed the schedule of the course and completed it last Friday, a few days before I had to give a presentation about my department to our company. I have to say, I benefited greatly from the course. I gave my presentation today and I believe that it went well. I felt confident, prepared, and was able to keep my nerves at bay. I received several compliments on my presentation and I was glad to have taken this public speaking course. I’d recommend it to anyone who might struggle with speaking in public. You really never know when you might have to use it.

The Meeting

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