And What Else?

The Pits: Turner dropped a potential game-tying pass before he could run it in. It didn’t seem to bother him that much,

The Peaks: Weston’s flag football game was at 8am, so we were up and at’em early. Weston ran in 4 touchdowns and passed for an extra point. I think his team won, but it didn’t really seem to matter.

We came home and I bathed Trek and fixed our upstairs toilet (the innards had mostly deteriorated) while the boys played hockey with Hector and Luca in the garage.

My family came up for Turner’s game. His game was good, but they ultimately ended up losing. We went to Hwy 55 for dinner and to celebrate Easter. The boys got an in-depth education on the full names of our family and Weston kept asking, “What else?”

After my family left, I took the boys to the park to try out their new footballs and receiver gloves they’d received from my folks. We played until Turner’s lip got busted. Actually, we played longer than that until he complained about his head aching.

And What Else?
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