Past v Future

The Pits: We have a big company meeting coming up. I have to lead a departmental presentation as well as submit 3 challenges for the company. It’s more difficult than it seems to get these topics organized in a meaningful manner.

The Peaks: I got home early and mowed the yard, then we had a family dinner on the porch while discussing the question, “Would you rather be able to tell the future or see into the past?”

Andrea and the Klint kids came over to hang out since Zack was out of town. It was a little chilly outside on the porch, so I cranked up the propane heater and we all huddled around it. The kids had a good time playing and watching Trolls.

Our work is having a donation drive for Soles4Souls. I took in all the shoes that were donated from NRC. I’m up to 119 pairs so far.

Past v Future

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