Spring Break 2017 – Day 7 – Out of the Wilderness

The Pits: The Wilderness.

The Peaks: I actually had a reasonably good night of sleep at Wilderness. I woke up and took a quick run and took this pic of the waterslides from the outside. The big orange funnel is the one that Weston and I rode yesterday.

We hit the waterpark early and spent most the of the morning by the pool where there was a structure supporting 3 water basketball goals. When we’d arrived yesterday, this area was crammed with older kids that were playing rough and not letting the younger kids play. We got there early enough to where Turner and Weston could actually play for a bit before the older kids showed up. We rode a few more slides, but not the Storm one that we rode yesterday.

We went back up to the room for lunch. I ran to get Traci and I salads from Cracker Barrel and the boys had leftover pizza. After lunch, we rode the shuttle to the outdoor waterpark. Technically, it wasn’t as bad as the indoor one. It was a little chilly outside, so the boys complained about the water being too cold. And then, of course, we had a hard time keeping track of Weston. He kept scampering around between the slides, the pools, and the hot tub, making it hard for us to just relax.

We came back to our room for snack and had a heart to heart with the boys. We bribed them with buying something from the gift shop if we could leave that afternoon instead of staying another night. To our delighted surprise, they agreed. I took the boys down to the gift shop, where they picked out more rocks minerals, then we loaded up and drove homeward.

We made one stop for gas, then went to Emily’s house to pick up Trek. We swung by Publix for sandwiches and got home around 7pm.

I finished listening to the audiobook of AWOL on the Appalachian Trail by David Miller on the ride home. There are definitely some parallels between David’s slog along the rough trail and my experience these past few days. But while there were some trying and frustrating times, I’ll look back on them in fondness and appreciation for the time I’ve been able to spend with my family.

Having said that, thank goodness we’re back home.

Spring Break 2017 – Day 7 – Out of the Wilderness

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