Spring Break 2017 – Day 4 – Catawba Falls

The Pits: During breakfast, while I was out running and Traci was getting ready, Turner apparently climbed up on the counter and snuck a few Oreo Thins, then “forced” Weston to eat one. After the dust settled from that situation, we headed to Catawba Falls. Obviously, Weston wasn’t exactly thrilled to be doing more hiking…

The Peaks: The hike up to the falls was mainly uphill, but it was pretty and peaceful. The boys didn’t seem to enjoy the expedition until we arrived at the falls, then they had a good time hopping around on the wet rocks. Though we had to remind Turner often of his slip at High Falls a few days ago.

This was a beautiful waterfall and it was a nice experience. We hiked back to the entrance for a picnic lunch.

Turner complained about having “emotion sickness” all the way back to our place. I took the boys to the park so Traci could get started packing. The boys fought with each other the whole time so we didn’t stay for long. For dinner, we went to Farm Burger, which was decent. They had large brown paper placemats that the boys used to make paper airplanes. Weston asked me to help him with his, so I pulled up a YouTube video for a cool design and made it as instructed. It was a really neat until Turner got upset that his wasn’t as cool.

We returned to the room and then the boys and I took another trip to Montford Park. Turner “accidentally” scratched Weston’s face while playing basketball. That cut our trip a bit short. Soon after, we headed back to the room for bed./p>

Spring Break 2017 – Day 4 – Catawba Falls
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