Spring Break 2017 – Day 3 – Steep Hills and Wicked Brews

The Pits: It’s all good.

The Peaks: We started out the day at the Asheville Museum of Science. This was a cool little museum in downtown. They had an impressive mineral exhibit that the boys enjoyed. We did a scavenger hunt and let them pick out some minerals from the gift shop, which actually had some conservatively priced wares.

We did some shopping in the malls around the area then had lunch at Sunny Point Cafe. Traci got the breakfast sandwich with pimento cheese and I go the 4-egg omelette with bacon. This place was one of the dining highlights of our trip, so I encourage you to go if you’re in the area. I saw this machine art as we waited and thought it might be a clever idea for craft projects at Boswell Machine, Inc.

We had planned to go to the North Carolina Arboretum, but after seeing that parking was $14, we went instead to Carrier Park to ride bikes. This park is along the route that Traci will be running during her 20-mile run later this week, so we wanted to get a lay of the area anyway.

We had to ride on the road for a small portion to get to another section of the trail. It was a busy road, so we decided to go down a hill to gain access to the trail. The hill was steep so we decided to get off our bikes and walk them down the hill. Turner went first. The hill was apparently steeper than it looked, for Turner fell down and his bike continued rolling down the hill. Traci burst out laughing. I hurried down the hill to chase Turner’s bike and nearly fell myself. Turner’s bike collapsed near the trail and I turned and saw Weston, who did the same thing Turner did. At this point, passersby on the trail began snickering at our efforts. One lady gave Weston a 10 for his gracefulness.

Once everyone was back on their bikes, we continued on down the trail. After we were done riding and about to load up in the car, I realized that Turner’s water bottle had fallen out of my bike bag. I told them to wait there while I rode the route again to find it, but they all wanted to go with me. So, we rode the course again and found the bottle near an area where we had to cut through some grass.

We treated ourselves to a snack at French Broad Chocolates, where Weston nearly licked the white off the cup while trying to get out the last bit of ice cream.

The boys and I returned to Montford Park in the afternoon to play while Traci rested. For dinner, we went to Wicked Weed Brewing. Traci and I split the turkey sandwich, sweet potato fries and brussels sprouts, which turned out to be just the right amount. I had a flight of beers. I sampled one called Black Angel, which has taken the top spot as “Worst Beer I’ve Ever Tasted.” I simply couldn’t drink it. The other runner ups as “Worst Beers” are Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout and Saffron Cardamom Double IPA from Cool Springs Brewery.

We returned to Montford Park as a family. Traci and Turner played basketball while Weston and I threw football. We played a shortened game of HORSE, which we called HI. Surprisingly, Weston won.

We came back and got the kids in bed. They stayed up for a bit to read through the Diary of a Wimpy Kid collection available in their room while Traci and I watched The Walking Dead in the living room.

Spring Break 2017 – Day 3 – Steep Hills and Wicked Brews
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