I Soar, Eye Sore

The Pits: Just before lunch, Turner started complaining about a sore eye. We were concerned that he’d gotten pink eye, but fortunately it turned out there might’ve just been something stuck in it. But we had to hear him whine and complain about it all day.

The Peaks: Turner came into our room around 4am and hugged me and said, “Hi, daddy!” I kissed him and then sent him back to bed. He was up again at 5:30am, sitting on the stairs and waiting for me to wake up. He went with Trek and me on our morning run, then we came back and hung out on the couch until Weston woke up.

We had breakfast and then went to Cars n’ Coffee. It was a small show so we didn’t stay long. We came back and did some housework, had lunch, got haircuts for the boys and then went to their flag football games.

Turner’s team played a tough team. From what the coach said, their quarterback was one of the best in the league and he was also one of the fastest. Turner’s team lost 12-30+. Turner got a bad attitude during this time, just because of the frustration with the game and his sore eye. He said he wished I was back in Utah. At that moment, I did too.

We hung out at the park’s pavilion and waited for Weston’s game. They played against a team with the same coach that Turner’s team played against. Weston’s team was able to pull off a convincing win. He scored a couple of touchdowns and would’ve had more if he hadn’t been guarding his flag with his arms, which I think is more of a natural reflex than anything.

We had dinner out at Newk’s and then back home for showers and bedtime.

I Soar, Eye Sore
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