Driveway Basketball and Backyard Poser

The Pits: Turner teared up when I dropped him off at Sunday School today. I’m not sure why as he knew that we weren’t staying for marketplace, but when I picked him up the next hour he said he had a good time in class.

The Peaks: In the afternoon, we did more work on Turner’s pinewood derby car. Mainly sanding. Oh, sanding. Turner got to experience the joys of sanding and went until his arms got tired, then I took over until my arms got tired, and so it goes.

Afterwards, Hector came over to play basketball. I played for a bit, then Traci came out and showed her stuff. I saw our neighbor Mrs. Fran outside and showed her the keys we’d found in our front yard after the tornado. She said they weren’t her’s, but she’d ask around the neighborhood to see if anyone else was missing keys.

Traci’s Vandy friends came over for dinner. The theme was breakfast so we had a good assortment of breakfast foods to feast on. Afterward, the boys and I went outside to play with Silvia. She posed for a few pics at sunset, between getting hit in the head with basketballs and then soccer balls. Before bed, Weston said that “Silvia was fun, but Clementine was just cuter.”

Driveway Basketball and Backyard Poser
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