Snowy Flag Football Games and Pinewood Starters

The Pits: It started snowing as soon as we got to Nolensville Park at 7:30am for Weston’s 8am flag football game. The snow continued to come down throughout the game. We were cold on the sidelines and I know the players were cold. Traci had a long run in the morning, so she just met us there after she was done, but missed most of the game because she had to sit in the car with Turner because he was cold. The rest of the flag games were cancelled, so Turner didn’t even get to play.

Later in the day, Weston kept complaining about his ear hurting. It got so bad that I ended up taking him to the Vandy clinic where they confirmed that both of his ears had infections. He got an ice sucker,
but the commodity wore off quick and he whined about his ear ache the rest of the day. It reminded me of the bad ear infection I had when my parents made me go to the Grand Ole Opry when I was younger. I don’t want to say that that ruined my opinion of Country music, but it didn’t help it.

The Peaks: Weston did pretty good in his first flag football game. For the first quarter, he was the only player that moved on offense. The coach has the kids running one play. That’s it. One. Play. They all do the same thing every play, the only difference is who gets the ball. So, for the snowy season opener, his team would hike the ball and then none of the players would move. Weston would be the only one who would move and grab the football out of the confused (and frozen) quarterback’s hand and run. He ended up scoring 3 touchdowns and led his team to a 30-19 victory. After the game, he was so cold he had difficulty making his thumb work for a thumbs up pic.

In the afternoon, after we thawed out, we got started on pinewood derby cars. I let Turner do a little more of the sawing and sanding work on his DeLorean themed car. I also helped Weston assemble the skateboard pinewood car that we’d bought several months ago because he was feeling left out.

Snowy Flag Football Games and Pinewood Starters
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