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The Pits: Had a pretty busy day at work and didn’t have much time for a walk.

The Peaks: After Turner and I had our prolonged argument about him picking out a book from the Book Fair–and please understand that I was only trying to encourage him to read more, not discourage him from getting a book–he ended up getting a $5 coupon from his teacher for completing the 21 day typing challenge. It worked out just right because the main book he wanted was $5. Perfect. Traci took the boys to school this morning so she could go to the Book Fair with them and help them pick out their books. Weston got a book about rocks and Turner got to use his $5 coupon on Press Start, which he told me all about as I ate dinner on the porch.

Thursdays are Weston’s normal flag football practice night, but for tonight Turner had a second practice that I was there for. They learned a few more plays and it wasn’t as cold as last night, so it was a good practice.

Turner was so proud of his Press Start book that he read some of it to me and Weston tonight until his voice hurt, then I took over.

After the boys were in bed, I read The Star by Arthur C. Clarke, which is a really short story but very impactful.

Press Star
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