Hashtag Winning

The Pits: I woke up early to run a mile with Trek, but since Traci wasn’t home I just ran back and forth on the sidewalk keeping the house in view while the boys slept. It was quite monotonous.

Both boys had slightly elevated temps of sub-100, but neither of them looked or acted like they felt good. I loaded them up with Motrin and took them to school. Turner teared up in the car, with the oddly conflicting thoughts of not wanting to go to school and wanting to ride the bus to school.

The Peaks: The girls came back from Seaside today. I left work early to pick up Traci in Triune where Kim was meeting me. We went and picked up the boys from school. While in the car line,
the school attendant said that Weston was crying at lunchtime because I’d packed the wrong sandwiches in their lunch–I’d given Turner the nutella and peanut butter and Weston the nutella and jelly. Perfect time for mom to get home!

We came home and the boys played with Hector while I hung out on the porch and finished up some work.
I thought Trek looked sorta majestic as we were hanging out on the porch. Weston verified this later when he saw this pic and said, “Wow! It looks like Trek is winning!”

Hashtag Winning

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