Missed Communication

The Pits: I took the boys to Target to pick them out a treat for being good while Traci was out of town. However, they weren’t able to decide on anything, so we left with nothing!

We found the following note in our mailbox. This was probably in response to the numerous cars parked on the street for our neighbor’s party last night. Since we don’t know who the letter is from, we can’t be sure they know that they got the wrong neighbor!

The Peaks: We had a nice relaxing morning, decent weather for basketball at the park, then lunch on the porch. Turner was feeling better today and claimed that he could taste food, which he apparently wasn’t able to do yesterday.

We had a nice guys’ dinner at Cool Springs Brewery and watched some of the NFL training camp that was televised on TV. Turner was so fascinated with their moves that he couldn’t stop doing them during the walk with Trek.

Missed Communication

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