A Rough Life of Boo-Boos

The Pits: As we practiced Turner’s spelling words in car line this morning, he became frustrated that he couldn’t get “imagination” right.

The Peaks: Traci and Kim headed out this morning for their girls’ Seaside trip. I took the boys to school and then left work early to pick them up. I finished up some work while they played with Hector and Aki in the yard.

We had a nice dinner and then took Trek for a walk. When we got home, Weston played Halo 3 while Turner sat in my lap and we looked at cool Nike shoes; a popular topic with him lately. Then we played a few games of Robot Turtles, had a quick chat with mom and then we did showers.

During their showers, I brushed the washrag too hard on a scratch and he started whining. He said, “I’ve got so much boo-boos. I’m having a rough life.”

I thought that’d be the quote of the day until Turner busted out with, “I like to hold my bottom hole open and let warm water run over it. It feels amazing!”

A Rough Life of Boo-Boos

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