The Unnecessary Stress From Adventures With Coins

The Pits: Traci had to leave super early today, so I had to rush to get out the door to take Trek on our 1 mile run. To do this, I left before brushing my teeth. I was surprised at the horrible taste that accumulated in my mouth while running without brushing.

The Peaks: I lead the Scouts meeting tonight and we talked about the Adventure In Coins elective. Weston joined us to show off his Mexican pesos. Again, he was not the worst behaved kid there. All the boys were generally rowdy, however. It was a more stressful meeting than expected. This paragraph doesn’t belong in Peaks. The only reason I’m leaving it is because I hope this is the last Scout meeting I ever have to lead.

The boys’ school pictures came in today so I took a quick snap of them because we don’t plan on buying them.

The Unnecessary Stress From Adventures With Coins
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