Basketball Fans During Flag Football Season

The Pits: Turner doesn’t enjoy Marketplace at church, which is supposed to be an interactive way for them to learn how things were back in Jesus’ day, but he complains it’s too “dark and dusty.” His time to attend Marketplace is right after Sunday School. He wasn’t going to go today, but I was late picking him up from Sunday School and he was in tears by the time I got there. I will likely have to volunteer at Marketplace in order to get him to attend, or at least do so without crying.

The Peaks: I took the boys to Target to pick out something with the money that Boog gave them for Valentine’s Day. Turner picked out a new full-size basketball and Weston picked out basketball cards.

I recently showed Turner a YouTube channel where the guy runs through some basketball dribbling drills. Turner setup some cones, like he’d seen the guy do in the videos, and has started creating his own drills. A short video demonstration is below. Can you tell that flag football season just started?

Basketball Fans During Flag Football Season
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