Flag Football Evals

The Pits: It was really cold at the field for football evaluations. Traci and Turner ended up having to sit in the car because Turner didn’t bring a jacket. Well, actually, Turner brought a jacket, but Weston didn’t, so Weston was wearing the jacket that Turner had brought.

The Peaks: Today they had evaluations for flag football. Both boys did really well and it was interesting to see the process. There’s a big difference in skill level between the 5-6 year olds and the 7-8s.

We met up with the Tateuchis for dinner at Burger Up. Traci and I realized that we probably haven’t had Burger Up since the boys have been born. It’s good, but overall we agreed that we prefer Burger Republic better. Traci said it well, the burgers are about equal, but Burger Republic has sweet potato tots, whereas Burger Up has sweet potato fries. We’re tots people.

Flag Football Evals
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