Pink Eye Resurrgence

The Pits: On my run with Trek this morning, a large German Shepherd that was loose on Northfork ran at Trek. I kicked at him and growled “No,” and got tangled up in Trek’s lease and fell in the road. Both dogs just looked at me, almost nervously. I got to my feet and the German Shepherd scampered away. Trek and I continued on and turned around at the half mile mark. As we came back by, the Shepherd ran out to the end of the driveway to gawk at us, but came no further.

The Peaks: The weather was nice enough for a bike ride today. I rode to Ducklo’s office to pick up Traci’s sunglasses for her.

The Pits, Part 2:When I got back home, Traci sent me a text saying she was concerned about Weston’s eyes. They had apparently gotten worse since this morning. She made an appointment with the Vandy after hours clinic. I met them there after work and brought Turner home with me while they did a few other tests on Weston, including giving him orange eye drops and putting him under a blacklight to check for scratches on his cornea. His eyes were fine, but the physician didn’t agree with the medicine the CVS lady had prescribed, so we got some different eye drops.

The Peaks, Part 2:Turner and I came on home and he played basketball while I ate on the front porch. We walked Trek and talked about his day. He confessed that he’d snuck his (my) old iPhone to school so he could listen to music while he worked, only he’d forgotten to plug in his headphones and ended up blasting “My House” by Flo Rida in the middle of class. Don’t tell mom.

Pink Eye Resurrgence
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