Weston Gets A Pink Eye

The Pits: “Dad! Weston’s eyes are puffy and he can’t open them,” Turner said as he ran downstairs first thing this morning. That’s never a good way to start off the day. We dropped off Turner at school then headed to the CVS walk-in clinic to get some medicine for Weston. As soon as we pulled up, we saw a firetruck and ambulance in the parking lot with their lights on. Weston gasped and asked, “Daddy, is this where you’re taking me?”

The Peaks: Fortunately, I was able to work remotely for the rest of the day while Weston rested. I was able to focus on some projects that are normally difficult to work on at work.

Many years ago, when we still lived in our first house on Blackman Rd., I purchased a Metrokane Retro Ice Crusher. At some point during one of our moves, the ice crusher got misplaced and I didn’t find it again until we moved into our new house. I’ve been using it for awhile, and recently I noticed that the internal blades have been leaking rust-colored fluid into my crushed ice. A few weeks back, I contacted Metrokane, the manufacturer about their advertised lifetime warranty. I didn’t have a receipt or anything, but they requested to see some photos of the issue, which I was happy to provide. I sent the rep the following photos and he replied back and said he’d ship out a new one right away. It finally came in today, and while I haven’t had a chance to use it yet I was excited.

Weston Gets A Pink Eye
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