Porch Dining and a Jump Off at Dick’s

The Pits: The boys both dressed themselves nice for church this morning, then they got into the paint sticks that Moggi had given them for Valentine’s day and got it all over their clothes.

There’s a guy that usually sits in front of us at church. He takes notes during the sermon and I have taken notice of his pen before. It’s a nice looking pen and I’ve admired how it writes. I’ve searched around online and I am pretty sure it’s the Cross Classic Century pen. Today, we sat behind him and I was looking forward to checking out his pen, but when it was time for him to take notes he pulled out a Pilot G2. Nothing against a G2, but it’s definitely no Cross Classic Century. I found myself being a little let down by this, and I admit it’s quite ridiculous me feeling this way, but it merited being written down as a notable part of my day.

The Peaks: The weather was nice enough to have lunch on the porch. Of course, Turner had a horrid attitude toward me because of a remark I’d made about the boys needing to put some of their money toward their flag football supplies (cleats, footballs, mouth guards, etc.). He refused to eat at the same table with me and instead ate at the dining room table.

In the afternoon, after Turner was able to calm down a bit, I took the boys to Dick’s to take advantage of their 20% coupon for flag football supplies. The Nolensville league administrator was there, so I met him and confirmed what the boys needed. Then I took the boys to pick out cleats. We finally leave the store 2 hours later. You caught that, right? 2. Hours. Later.

Turner was the picky one about cleats, and the only 2 pairs he wanted were either way too expensive or they didn’t have his size in stock. We finally came to an agreement that neither of us were completely happy with, but at that point I was fuming and he was fuming and we were all ready to get home. On the way to our car a guy approached me in the parking lot and asked if I could help jump off his car. I glared at him for a moment, making sure he was legitimately in need, then happily agreed.

I pulled my car around and the boys and I got out and helped Kevin, along with his wife and sleeping daughter, jump off his car. He was very appreciative and the boys enjoyed seeing the process.

On the ride home, we were all in a good mood. We had a nice taco dinner together on the porch while Traci attended a girls’ party. It ended up being a nice evening.

Porch Dining and a Jump Off at Dick’s

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