And Icing On Top

The Pits: Rainy morning, so we skipped Cars n’ Coffee.

The Peaks: Kim came up for a visit and to watch Weston’s final basketball game. We had a nice visit and Weston’s team played hard and the game went into 3 overtimes. The other team finally managed to score with only 3 seconds left and Weston’s team wasn’t able to score in the time left, so we called it a season.

The thing Weston was most looking forward to was cupcakes, which his coach mentioned last week and Weston has mentioned several times. He finally got his cupcake, and got a big dollop of it on the strap of his medal, which really helps to distinguish between his and Turner’s.

In the evening, we headed to Murfreesboro to celebrate Amy’s birthday. We had a pizza dinner at Ahart’s and visited for a bit at their house before heading home.

Below is the video of Weston’s final game. He and Turner requested that I not make any edits, so I uploaded the full 50 minutes of gameplay.

And Icing On Top
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