Turner’s Basketball Playoff Game 2

The Pits: More discussion about a project at work that I’m trying to get done.

The Peaks: Off work early to head home and hang out on the porch to enjoy the nice 60 degree weather. I finished up some work projects while Turner practiced typing and Weston played on his Kindle.

Tonight, my parents joined us at Turner’s second playoff game. They played the #1 ranked team in the Nolensville league and, despite losing, Turner stepped it up and played well. It was the first time he was the high scorer in the game with 5 points total. We were all proud of his performance.

My parents also brought up a football trainer my dad built out of metal and a motorcycle tire. The boys had a great time practicing their throws.

I finished reading the audiobook of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. This book falls into line with some of the books I’ve read on the subject matter of relating to others, particularly in a management or leadership role.

Turner’s Basketball Playoff Game 2
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