Turner’s Basketball Playoff Game 1

The Pits: In the car line this morning, the boys and I watched the basketball video I’d made and I tried to record our audio commentary to play during the video. For some reason, the application I was using to record messed up and didn’t actually record any audio. So, no audio commentary is available for this video.

The Peaks: Traci had a pharmaceutical dinner at Moto tonight, so I took the boys to Turner’s playoff game. It was a tough game but Turner’s team pulled through with a 16-12 win. After the game, the coach handed out their medals, which Turner was proud of.

We came home, showered and then finished reading Hostages of Hate (The Hardy Boys Casefiles #10) by Franklin Dixon. Turner really seemed to enjoy it. Weston said he did too, but he rarely stuck around at night to hear me read it.

Below are the video highlights of this playoff game.

Turner’s Basketball Playoff Game 1
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