The Challengers

The Pits: I had to manage a file renaming project for work and it just took longer and was more tedious than expected.

The Peaks: We loaded up and headed to Weston’s 9am game. As we were pulling into the school parking lot, I overheard this exchange take place:

Weston: “I wish bad things weren’t true.”

Turner: “Yeah, but then there’d be no mysteries.”

Weston: “I wish there’d be no tornadoes and we’d never die.”

Amy and Katie joined us to watch Weston play. I think he was excited to show off because at one point he made a flying leap to block a ball being thrown in from the side and he came down and landed right on his tailbone. It knocked the wind out of him and he was down for a few minutes. Fortunately, he was okay but he did have to sit out of the game longer than he usually does. He got to play in the final quarter and his team won easily.

We came back to our house to relax for a bit before heading to Turner’s game. This was our last regular season game and since the team had already made it into the playoffs Turner’s coach let all the players have a chance to be point guard because, “this game doesn’t matter.” As a result, the opposing team beat us 22-7.

We hit Martin’s BBQ for lunch and then came back to hang out some more. In the afternoon, the boys and I went to collect food for the Second Harvest Food Bank with the Cub Scouts. The boys seemed to enjoy this and I was happy to do something helpful.

We tried Fogata’s, a nearby mexican restaurant, for dinner. I enjoyed it, but I could tell the rest of the family would prefer Chuy’s or Uncle Julio’s. During our meal, we discussed Summer School Classes for the boys and then listened to a bit of the band play some mexican music.

We came home and walked Trek. During our walk, Turner brought up the scary blue-eyed baby that he’d seen in a commercial during the Super Bowl. I still have no idea which commercial he’s talking about. But he mentioned a “Blue-Eyed Baby Challenge” where you turn off all the lights and gather around a candle and ask if the blue-eyed baby is there. If he’s there, the candy will blow out. If he’s not, it won’t. So, to shut him up, we did the Blue-Eyed Baby challenge, and guess what. The candle didn’t go out. We actually had trouble getting the candle to go out, that’s how not-present the blue-eyed baby was. That didn’t keep Turner from waking me up at 4:30am the next morning whispering that he couldn’t sleep because of the damn blue-eyed baby.

Below is a video I put together with highlights of our day (minus the Blue-Eyed Baby Challenge).

The Challengers
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