Who Moved My Orange Lizard?

The Pits: Lots of phone calls and meetings today.

The Peaks: I had a dentist appointment and although it was stormy and overcast most of the day, I was able to ride my bike to the dentist’s office.

I finished reading The New One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard. I can see why it’s a popular book; it’s short and to the point and has some value. It reminded me a bit of Who Moved My Cheese?, which I read several years ago before our company’s corporate merger. I just now realized that Ken Blanchard wrote the forward to this book, which is interesting.

The boys and I walked Trek after dinner. Weston saw this small orange lizard on the sidewalk. I’m pretty sure it was dead because it wasn’t moving at all. At the request of Weston, I took a photo of it just before Trek stepped on it. They thought the resulting photo sequence was hilarious.

Who Moved My Orange Lizard?
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