Super Bowl 2017

The Pits: Would’ve liked to have seen the Falcons win, but it was a good game regardless.

The Peaks: Recently, we’ve noticed a decrease in water pressure on our kitchen faucet. It finally got to the point of ridiculousness, so I looked into what could be causing the issue. It turns out it just needed a new aerator, which was a cheap and easy thing to replace. Water pressure has been restored.

Sparked by some remarks of encouragement from Traci, I set to the task of tidying up the built-in bookcases in my office to help reduce some of the clutter. It took several hours, but it was worth it and I think it looks great. Traci said it looked “okay.” Trust me, it looks great.

Whilst tidying up my office bookcases, Turner and Weston played football with Hector and Tyson. Once we had our home in order, the boys came in and got cleaned up for our company at 5pm.

Boog and the Tateuchis joined us this year and we had a great menu. We went with appetizers, featuring pigs in a blanket, buffalo chicken sliders, pinwheel sandwiches, fried rice balls, mexican bean dip, and snickerdoodle cookies. The kids got along well which enabled us to actually watch the game. Most everyone left before the surprising comeback at the end of the game.

Super Bowl 2017
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