The Hoop of Compassion

The Pits: After telling the boys that we were only going to one store to look for a basketball mini-hoop, we ended up going to three stores.

The Peaks: The boys and I spent the afternoon in search for a good mini-hoop for Turner’s bedroom door. He’s managed to break all of the ones he fashioned out of cardboard and is disheartened at how non-durable they are. We struck out at Walmart, the ones at Toys R Us were too expensive (at least Weston picked out a thing of Pokémon cards, so that wasn’t a completely wasted trip), and we finally found a good value at Academy Sports.

In the evening, we went to the Compassion Experience. We got to walk through two stories, Jonathan and Kiwi. We thought it was really enlightening for the kids to see how less fortunate kids live in other parts of the world. Their goal is to get sponsors for kids for $38/month. We felt slightly guilty for leaving there and immediately paying $38 for dinner at Chuy’s.

We came home, took a family walk, and then watched a bit of the Pro Bowl.

The Hoop of Compassion
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