A Family Visit, Team Photos and the Color Blue

The Pits: Too cold to go to Cars n’ Coffee, so we skipped it today.

The Peaks: I got the tabletop moved back out to the patio and remounted on the legs. The boys liked the “shiny” new finish.

The boys had basketball team photos today. I took Turner to his photos, then my family joined us to watch him play. He played more aggressive but his team ended up losing. Afterwards, he didn’t know who’d won or lost, so I’m glad he’s just enjoying the opportunity to play right now.

Boog was late to the game because her hair stylist had somehow turned her hair blue. She joined us for lunch at Outlanders afterward, then we all hung out and waited for Weston’s game later that afternoon. Weston was crazy on the court and his team ended up winning 30-8.

My dad rode home from the game with me, and as we pulled out of the school I saw a pair of pliers in the middle of the road. I kept driving, hoping my dad hadn’t seen it because I knew he’d want to turn around and get them. Sure enough, a few seconds later he said, “Can you turn around, I need to pick up those pliers.

The handles of the pliers were blue, and as I reflect on this day I realize that blue had a consistent theme throughout the day. Boog’s hair was turned blue. The pliers were blue. Traci and I watched the finale of Black Mirror that evening, and guess what the lead actress’s name was? Karin. BUT, the supporting actress’s name was Blue!

A Family Visit, Team Photos and the Color Blue
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