South Paw

The Pits: My morning apple snack was interrupted by a few different technical issues. I don’t like my morning apple snack to be interrupted.

The Peaks: I was eager to make progress on the tabletop, so I woke up early to check out the first layer of finish I’d applied last night. I gave it a light sanding with 220 grit paper, then dusted off the table and applied a second coat of finish. At this point, the tabletop should be done by tomorrow morning.

I left work early and picked up the boys from school. They played in the driveway with Hector while Traci and I did some house chores, then we relaxed before dinner.

We played Rocket League with our friends and then headed to bed. Turner got upset with me when I hurt his lip while brushing his teeth. We made up, then we finished reading Exploring Calvin & Hobbes. Weston immediately wanted to start reading it again.

South Paw
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