Ballgame Earplugs and a Chocolate Piñata

The Pits: None.

The Peaks: Both boys had exciting ballgames today. Turner scored his first goal and his team won by two points. He tried out the new earplugs that I’d gotten for him and he seemed to like them. He was happy the whistle didn’t hurt his ears this week.

Weston got fouled twice, so he got to take two foul shots. He hit one out of the four shots and was excited. His team also won by two points, but who’s counting?

In the afternoon, I sanded the tabletop while the boys played in the yard with Hector. I’ve actually made some pretty good progress and am now more confident in my stain removal skills.

We had dinner out at Uncle Julio’s. There was a 45 minute wait, but fortunately Turner had brought a football so we threw it around outside. As the crowd gathered, more kids joined in and soon there was a small group of young athletes throwing the ball. We had a coupon for free tableside guacamole, which was made at the table and served in a massive bowl. The boys split chicken fingers and cheese quesadillas and Traci and I split the honey bacon chicken fajitas. We rounded off the meal with the Chocolate Piñata and were super full afterwards. The kids really liked it, and it’s always nice to find a place the whole family enjoys.

Ballgame Earplugs and a Chocolate Piñata
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