Hearty Boys and the Case of the Stubborn Stain

The Pits: Up early to take Turner to a cardiologist for an EKG. The tests didn’t show anything abnormal, thankfully. The doctor confirmed that Turner does have a Still’s murmur but it isn’t a big concern.

The Peaks: We met up with Boog at Sevier Park for a picnic, then she took the boys to see the Monster Trucks movie.

I went back to Home Depot to get stain remover, which I’ve learned is called stripper. It goes on thick like a paste and you’re supposed to wait 15-30 minutes. You have to layer it on thick or it starts to dry on certain areas. I learned it’s best, for me at least, to work on a smaller area at a time rather than trying to tackle the whole thing at once. I used a scrubber sponge at first, but it fell apart quick so I graduated to steel wool which was more durable and effective.

I went to pick up the boys from the movie and then came back and worked on some more. I’ve made some definite progress, but it is slow going. I plan to continue working on this little by little and get as much stain off before re-sanding.

Tonight, the boys and I finished reading The Tower Treasure (Hardy Boys #1) by Franklin Dixon, which was the last book I purchased from the Bookman Bookwoman bookstore in Hillsboro Village but now appears to be a book review resource. I’ve never read any of the Hardy Boys books, but I remember them from when I was a kid. It’s obviously meant for a younger audience and it’s showing its age, but it held the boys’ interest and attention just as well as Harry Potter and other newer books have.

Hearty Boys and the Case of the Stubborn Stain
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