Hearty Boys and the Case of the Stubborn Stain

Hearty Boys and the Case of the Stubborn Stain

The Pits: Up early to take Turner to a cardiologist for an EKG. The tests didn’t show anything abnormal, thankfully. The doctor confirmed that Turner does have a Still’s murmur but it isn’t a big concern.

The Peaks: We met up with Boog at Sevier Park for a picnic, then she took the boys to see the Monster Trucks movie.

I went back to Home Depot to get stain remover, which I’ve learned is called stripper. It goes on thick like a paste and you’re supposed to wait 15-30 minutes. You have to layer it on thick or it starts to dry on certain areas. I learned it’s best, for me at least, to work on a smaller area at a time rather than trying to tackle the whole thing at once. I used a scrubber sponge at first, but it fell apart quick so I graduated to steel wool which was more durable and effective.

I went to pick up the boys from the movie and then came back and worked on some more. I’ve made some definite progress, but it is slow going. I plan to continue working on this little by little and get as much stain off before re-sanding.

Tonight, the boys and I finished reading The Tower Treasure (Hardy Boys #1) by Franklin Dixon, which was the last book I purchased from the Bookman Bookwoman bookstore in Hillsboro Village but now appears to be a book review resource. I’ve never read any of the Hardy Boys books, but I remember them from when I was a kid. It’s obviously meant for a younger audience and it’s showing its age, but it held the boys’ interest and attention just as well as Harry Potter and other newer books have.

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