The Pits: Turner had to go to the school nurse today because his chest felt tight and was having difficulty breathing. During Christmas break, we noticed that he occasionally had to take deep breaths, which is unusual for him. He’s got a doctor appointment scheduled for tomorrow to figure out what might be going on.

The Peaks: I had to get a stamp this morning to mail off my concealed carry permit renewal. I couldn’t recall the last time I needed stamps, then I saw this post from this day last year when I found a book of stamps outside the post office. What a wacky coincidence, eh comrads?

Turner skipped basketball practice because of his breathing issues. It was warm enough for me to eat dinner on the porch, so he and Weston brought out Apples to Apples and we played a quick round while I ate.

We took a family walk after I finished eating. I said that we’d each get 2 minutes to talk about whatever we wanted without interruptions. During Turner’s 2 minutes, he just wanted to play basketball. During Weston’s 2, he couldn’t think of what to say so he started telling us about a dream he had. During my 2, I started talking about the two books I’d recently finished (14 and Zen and Now) and my time seemed to end really fast. Traci actually said, “Thank goodness,” when the timer went off. For her 2 minutes, she just wanted silence.

I just love our family bonding time.


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