Cent and Now

The Pits: Slept in later than usual during a weekday, so my morning schedule was jarred a bit, but everyone got where they needed to be on time so no worries.

The Peaks: I finished reading Zen and Now: on the Trail of Robert Pirsig and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Mark Richardson. As the title explains, it’s meant to be a modern take on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig, which is one of my favorite books that also got me interested in motorcycles. Mark Richardson revisits the zen route that Robert and Chris Pirsig took back in the 70s, riding from Minnesota to California. Richardson revisits some of the same places and people mentioned in the original book and provides some background information to Pirsig and his book. It’s a great companion to the original novel and I highly recommend both.

Interestingly, Richardson has a significant experience in room 28 of a rundown hotel, which is coincidentally the same room number (28) of the main character in Peter Clines’ novel 14 which I finished yesterday. I’d listened to the audiobook version of both books at the same time, depending on the activity I was doing. For those interested, I mainly read 14 while driving and walking. I read Zen and Now while working on my table top project.

As I ate dinner, I enjoyed chatting with the boys. Turner was eager to tell his story about getting “ejected” from the school Library for the second time this year.

At the end of the day, I realized I hadn’t taken a picture. The only interesting thing I could find was Weston’s pile of pennies on our countertop. I was recently asked by Turner’s Scout Leader if I could help lead a couple of lessons in the next couple of months. I agreed, and told him about two of the activities that I’d be interested in leading. One of them is Adventures In Coins, and I’m honestly not sure why it’s interesting to me. Perhaps Weston will be able to join us on this activity, since he’s so interested in coins and money in general.

Cent and Now
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