Overtime Heat

The Pits: The downstairs temperature was around 40 degrees this morning, the coldest it’s been yet.

The Peaks: Our gas fireplace and space heater have both been working overtime to provide some warmth downstairs in the absence of a working heater. We’ve been turning off these heat sources during the night just to avoid potential fire hazards. During the daytime the temperature has slowly been working up to the mid-60s. But for the most part we’ve all been walking around inside with extra layers on.

Regardless of this, the boys have still wanted to go outside to play in the cold, so we’ve been letting them play in the side yard until they get cold and numb, then come inside and complain about said coldness and numbness.

Overall, we had a nice restful day at home and I’m very thankful for my family and the warmth around me.

Overtime Heat

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