First Snow of 2017

The Pits: As I watched the snow float down, I was reminded of my trip to Home Depot just yesterday to look for a snow shovel. I didn’t see any, so I asked a floor rep. She said they didn’t have them yet and we probably wouldn’t need them. Thanks a lot, Home Depot rep!

The Peaks: I had planned to work from home today so I could wait for our HVAC guy to come replace our downstairs heater motherboard. This turned out to be fortunate for me, because around 15 minutes after Traci left for work it started snowing and the roads quickly turned messy. Everyone in Nashville freaked out per usual.

The boys and I took a walk around the neighborhood in the morning and headed down to the water reservoir behind the neighborhood clubhouse. This is a great area for kids to play in the snow without fear or sliding out into the road. It was just us and Trek was anxious to play in the snow, so I let him run around with the boys. They all had a blast and was thankful that Trek didn’t take advantage of his freedom and run off into the woods.

We came back in to warm up and have some lunch. Our HVAC guy confirmed that it would likely be Monday before he’d be able to come out and replace our motherboard because the necessary part is stuck in Nashville, where the blizzard is. With our fireplace and space heater running full blast, we were able to keep the downstairs in the mid-60s, which is tolerable.

In the afternoon, the boys played in our side yard while Traci and I relaxed inside in the semi-warmth. They came in red and sniffling and whimpering. 10 minutes later they were wanting to go out again, but we already had a huge stack of wet and muddy clothes to wash, so we cut them off.

First Snow of 2017
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