The Table Is Set

The Pits: Weston started wheezing about halfway through our 1 mile family run. We had to walk for a few minutes and he was able to get his breathing under control.

The Peaks: We spent the morning taking down our Christmas decorations. Working together as a family, it took around an hour to do, so that wasn’t too bad. Traci took the boys to Murfreesboro so they could spend the night with Tammy and I got to work on finishing up the table by adding the base to the top.

When Traci got home, we had lunch on a card table in the screened porch. The outdoor temperature was tolerable in the mid-50s. She rested while I ran a few errands and finished up the table. We walked Trek together, then had our first dinner on the new table on the porch.

I still need to finish the table, but it’s a surprisingly fulfilling accomplishment to build a table. I really enjoyed the whole process and while it’s not perfect I do take a certain pride in it.

The Table Is Set

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