Motorcycles, Ceiling Fans, and Spewed Breakfast

The Pits: Turner and I slept in the tent until around 1:45am. He’d had an accident in his sleeping bag. He said it was just a small spot that he could sleep around, but he was shivering in the low 30-degree temp, so we decided to go in. We joined Weston in my bed. I have to say that it was harder sleeping in a bed in a warm house with Turner and Weston than it was sleeping in a cold tent on my own cot.

The Peaks: After Boog spewed her breakfast out when I lectured the boys for not paying attention to Papaw’s story, we visited my uncle’s and cousin’s house to check out the steam engine. My nephew, Hudson, had a Honda 50cc motorcycle that Weston took interest in. After some tutelage, he took off and rode all around the field, only stopping when he ran into Mamaw’s house when he was trying to show off.

When we’d gotten back home, we went and picked out a ceiling fan and new paint for the shutters at Lowe’s, then a good dinner at Cool Springs Brewery.


Motorcycles, Ceiling Fans, and Spewed Breakfast
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One thought on “Motorcycles, Ceiling Fans, and Spewed Breakfast

  • January 25, 2017 at 8:57 pm

    In my defense, I only spewed when you were yelling, ‘Pay attention to PaPaw. Listen to PaPaw’s stories.’


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