The Ballad of the Hydrolock Supply Hose

Pits: A hose fixture under our kitchen sink broke, spilling water in the cabinet underneath the sink. Traci pulled all of the junk out from under the sink (the positive part is that we got to do some impromptu tidying!) and I disconnected the rest of the hose when I got home. I had to skip out on our nightly WITSWAD to go to Lowe’s to look for a replacement.

The hose that broke was the connecting hose to the side sprayer. After 30 minutes of looking through the plumbing section and repeatedly pushing the button for assistance, someone finally arrived and instantly said, “Oh, we don’t carry that part. You’ll have to go to a plumbing supply shop.” Since it was 8pm by that point, no place was open. I superglued, sealing taped and duct taped the living hell out of the broken fixture to at least get us through the night. It seems to have worked, although there’s a noticeable decrease in water pressure. We’ll see how it holds.

  • Weston: WITS ended abruptly because he and Turner went across the road without waiting for mom. Dad didn’t get to go on WITS with us.
  • Turner: WITS ended abruptly. The lunch lady caught me having cars out at lunch. Isaiah was a bit of a bully on the bus. Plans to give bus driver a heads up about Isaiah’s bad behavior if it continues tomorrow.

The Peaks: Decent day at work with a decent bike ride down Belmont Ave. The weather was not half bad.

  • Weston: Had a chocolate chip cookie for Draven’s birthday. Got a popsicle after dinner.
  • Turner: Playing spy game at recess. Science Project: Life cycle of a butterfly. Noticed that some rocks in the science project feel fuzzy. Got cracked up at dad’s use of “abruptly” in Pits.
The Ballad of the Hydrolock Supply Hose
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