The Trip Home

Turner got to come home this afternoon. After two days in the hospital, we were all ready to get home.

Traci’s mom had planned to stay with us a few days, so she greeted us at home. James came by a little later on and hung out for awhile. We also had a visit from some friends from our church.

Turner’s first night at home was pretty rough. I decided to give my first solo diaper change a chance and had quite the experience.

Turner was upset and I checked the side of his diaper to see that it was dirty. I got him on the changing table and got the diaper off of him, just in time for him to start pooping again.

I tried to keep poop from hitting the changing pad by use of the old diaper and my hand. Meanwhile, I glanced up just in time to see a fine arch of urine going straight up in the air and landing on Turner’s head, onesie, and the changing pad.

Several minutes later, I got Turner cleaned up just in time for Traci to peek in and ask if I needed any help, then hee hawing at me when I told her what I’d just experienced.

The Trip Home

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