See those beams of light? Those are only present when there is something in the air/atmosphere that reflects light, such as dust, smoke, or in this case, water.

I was outside priming some little nursery decorations (see photo below) while Traci was watering our landscaping. I happened to notice the nice light beams that were occurring thanks to the spraying water, so I grabbed my camerera.

Yet again, this is probably an instance where no one but me cares about the light.


One thought on “Beamz

  • October 6, 2008 at 9:48 am

    So pretty. On Sunday, Manda was outside blowing bubbles and the late afternoon sun was behind her. We had the light beams and the rainbow colors in the bubbles and her sweet, smiling face. I grabbed my camera. I’m sure I didn’t get the kind of pictures you would have – but I couldn’t call you to come capture the scene because I think you were preoccupied with your own little bubble-blower!

    All that to say – I’m with you – lighting makes ALL the difference!


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