Radio Smack

This photo was taken as the lead image for today’s post on Geek Inspired, dealing with Pocket Wizard sync cables and where to buy them locally.

Over the past few weeks, Mark and I have joked many times about Radio Shack. My rant with them is that I have no idea how they are still in business.

Of course, this past weekend I had a need for a specific cable that I knew I wouldn’t find at Walmart, Target, or anywhere else. So, I went to Radio Shack and they hooked me up.

After leaving, I sent a txt message to Mark saying how Radio Shack had proved its worth to me and I got the cable I needed. Not an hour later Mark gave me a call.

It turns out that he didn’t get my txt message when I sent it. He was calling me because he too had to go to Radio Shack (for an eerily similar cable, no less) and he got out his phone to call and tell me he had to go there. It was then that he saw the txt from me saying that I had to go there.

To take that even further, when I got off the phone I tried to explain to Traci the significance of what had just happened and the humor behind it. She didn’t get it. The next day, Mark came in and said that when he got home he tried to explain to Jacqueline (his wife) what had happened and why it was so funny. She, too, failed to see the humor behind it.

I thought the whole situation was pretty funny, and worthy of it’s own entry into the Piccal…even though Mark and I are the only ones who thought it was funny.

Radio Smack

2 thoughts on “Radio Smack

  • September 21, 2008 at 11:58 pm

    At first I was like..

    But then I lol’d!

  • September 25, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    Whadday mean?!?!? I’m STILL laughing!! Hold on (snort!) that is the funniest thing! Oh, now my knee hurts from slapping it so hard. Lemme catch my breath . . . oh my . . . okay. I’m good.

    NOW let’s go to K-Mart!!


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