Gant Kids

Gant Kids

Well, Aaron’s cute children really messed me my “Me Week”. They stopped by work today for a visit and I was snapping pictures left and right.

And then Mark pulled out his Gazillion Bubbles blower machine and the kids went more nuts than usual. Somehow, eating the bubbles became the main objective.

I did learn something, though. When photographing them, you really just have to let them play and be themselves and photograph them doing just that.

Here’s a complete gallery of the pictures.



I think these pictures are great! You are going to be able to capture some real great shots of little Boswell with this great talent of yours.


Can Manda & Alex come & play? I already saw that Mark got into the game . . . geesh . . .


Bring ’em over on a play date. We’ve got a giant inflatable castle for the back yard and a bonus room filled with toys, plus the Wii.


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