More from the Beach

More from the Beach

We couldn’t resist the pull of Donut Hole any longer. We took a break in our early morning jaunt to indulge ourselves in a good breakfast. I hung out in the room and played some 360 while Traci went back down to the pool. We had some leftovers for lunch and then headed back to the beach for a little bit. We hung there for awhile, until we heard an older man yell “OH SHIT!” because a wave had come up on the shore higher than expected and gotten him and his belongings wet. Traci and I had a good laugh and then headed up to get cleaned up for the evening.

We had a few hours to kill before our reservations at Marina Cafe, so we went to the Destin Commons shopping area. I say this for all you die-hard Marina fans out there; it was yet again the best meal we had on the trip, and it was only $2 higher than our worst meal on the trip.

We stopped at the local frozen custard shack for some ice cream, then headed back to the room to watch Atonement and Sweeny Todd. Atonement wasn’t as bad as I expected, if you can make it through the rather hard-to-follow first 30 minutes or so. I didn’t even make it to 30 minutes into Sweeny Todd. I’m a big fan of both Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, but there’s something about musicals that I just have a hard time with. I mean, I liked Pete’s Dragon like nobody’s business, but Sweeny Todd seemed a little different. Mostly because there were only 5 spoken words in the part of the movie I saw.



This made me burst forth with a loud chortle. “Pete’s Dragon”??? Mickey Rooney, Bo? You’d rather watch that than Sweeney Todd? “A dragon, a dragon, I swear I saw a dragon!” LOL. I forgot about that movie… Anyhow, Sweeney Todd isn’t the best film of 2007 (I’d honestly say that title goes to Atonement) but I’d at least rather look at/listen to Depp, Rickman and Bonham Carter than Mickey Rooney’s alcoholic-tinged face any day. πŸ˜‰ But then I guess I grew up loving musicals so it doesn’t really faze me. I can see why you might not be into it…


Pete’s Dragon pushed the envelope. They were like, “Let’s make it a movie, and a cartoon. And a musical!”

Sweeny Todd just unleashed an unbridled torrent of songs. First, there was singing about the town, then about the bad thing that happended to Sweeny, then about the horrible pies that that chick made, then she sang more about Sweeny’s story, then he sang about his razors, then some girl was singing about a bird, and that’s when I turned it off.

I mean, come on. Use some restraint. Just because it’s a musical, it doesn’t mean that all dialog needs to be sung.

Pete’s Dragon had a great mix of spoken dialog versus singing. It didn’t overuse the songs.

I mean, who doesn’t remember the song about Pasamadasus? Podamaquasy? Packamquacky? Pasamadasy?


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