Week 12

Today, Traci and I went to her doctor for what I thought was going to be an ultrasound, but not quite. I don’t know the proper name of the procedure, but the doctor just brought in this little gadget that looked like a mini-tape recorder with a small microphone attached to it. He lubed the microphone up real good and then inspected Traci’s belly with it. After a few moments, he located the heartbeat.

I took my camera with me and was able to capture some video with it, which I’ve posted below.

I also wanted to take a moment to let you guys know about the Baby Blog that we’ve setup. There’s not much on it now, but the intention is to have it be the place where we post all the information we have on the baby and the pregnancy process. The URL is just baby.boboswell.com, so if you need help remembering (mom and boon!), just act like you’re going to www.boboswell.com, but instead of “www” write “baby”.

Here’s the vid. What might sound like a warped ceiling fan is actually the heartbeat. The odder sound near the end that sounds like a chair squeeking came from Traci’s belly.

Video: Baby HeartbeatWeek 12

Week 12

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